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Transforming Lives

Being Transformed BECOMES You and it BECOMES the NEW you.

2019 Reformation, Reinforcement, and Restitution

Transforming Lives began its mission as a change agent in January of 2011. LaShawna Holland-Simpson was chosen by God to pioneer this revolutionary work. As an Apostle and long time church girl LaShawna realized that instructional principles was a missing element in victorious living. It is often said JUST pray about it or JUST trust God. Although true and spoken with good intentions; it was a point of frustration instead of a help. On the surface people seemed to have it together, yet the inner man was withering away. Authentic change, joy, and a willingness to serve was hard to come by. The journey of transformation is a transcending work that changes lives now and for generations to come. It is our mandate to assist in that transformational journey.

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